Software Developer

  • Conduct, design and develop software for predictive healthcare solutions
  • Determine interfaces and technical feasibility for predictive recommendation systems with Bayesian Network technology
  • Create models by using BNX, R language and implement them using Ruby on Rails /MySQL server
  • Work with product management and user experience teams to define product and user interface requirements
  • Re-factor code as needed to meet needs of evolving product requirements
  • Write documents and participate in design/code reviews and unit testing
  • Work with back end, platform , data services and QA teams to timely deliver high quality products. Other related duties as assigned
  • Bachelor's degree or foreign equivalent in Computer Science, IT, Inf. Science or related Engineering field and, 12 months of experience in any occupation developing software for healthcare prediction systems using BNX/Bayesian Network

Computer Programmer

  • Participate in the development of in house proprietary programs and applications aimed to the healthcare industry using Ruby on Rails and JQuery. Design program code, maintain/modify software and data structure of assigned programs, confer with development team, maintain file structure and narrative description of program flow,purpose and operation,test and debug programs,provide training and support to users and other related duties.
  • Bachelor's degree or foreign equivalent in Computer Science, IT, Information Science or related Engineering field and 24 months of experience as a Computer Programmer or 24 months of any Computer Programming related experience.

To apply mail to Eagleforce Associates Inc., Attn. Jash-SD - 13241 Woodland Park Rd, Suite 600, Herndon, VA 20171-2898

Our mission is to assist our clients in the design and deployment of intelligent systems where man and machine interface and applications are designed to optimize the performance of each by providing the heavy lifting for many of the most difficult problems in computer science.